Weight Bearing

Always ask the doctor at the fracture clinic about how much weight you can put on the injured lower limb. Weighing scales are useful and safe for helping you to find out how much weight can be put through the affected limb.

You may be advised to put some more (or less) weight through the affected limb when you are reviewed at the clinic. The weighing scales can be very helpful to show you how much weight you can tolerate.

For example, if you weigh 80kilograms and the doctor advices you to put 50% of your weight through the injured leg, then this would be 40kilograms. Check it out on the weighing scales to see what that feels like. Similarly, if the doctor suggests putting a third of your weight on the injured limb, then put about 27kgs through the limb.

Try using a thick book (like a phone directory) beside the weighing scales to level the surface under both feet. Don’t fall!