Can I drive with a Cast?

DrivingDriving a car or automobile with a cast can be very dangerous. One needs to check with their doctor and insurance company if this is permitted. As a rule, driving with a lower limb cast is completely forbidden as use of the pedals is inadequate.

Driving with an upper limb cast is generally not advised. If the cast is worn on the side of the limb used for changing gears or using the handbrake, then it makes driving more difficult. Similarly if the thumb is immobilised in the cast, the ability to grip is impaired. The inability to drive while in cast must be borne in mind if a person warrants sick-leave from work.

Ensure that with both upper limb and lower limb injuries that your hands and feet have the ability to move effectively to safely drive the vehicle. Similarly with a neck or back injury, ensure that you can move to sufficiently visualise behind you before resuming driving. Remember, if you are still taking strong pain medication, it may impair your ability to drive.

TIPS – Once the cast has been removed, it is advisable to test the limb with a series of emergency brake stops and undergo a series of short journeys in a safe area before resuming driving again.

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