Upper Limb Fractures

Upper Limb Casts in General

Collar CuffIf any of the following are noticed, please report to the Plaster Room that applied the cast or the nearest A&E department:

  • Swelling of the fingers
  • Blueness of the fingers (other than bruising)
  • Pins & Needles of the fingers
  • Coldness of the fingers
  • Any REAL PAIN in the limb
  • Any smell or discharge from the cast (other than sweat)

Scaphoid Cast

Scaphoid Cast

  • For the first 24 hours keep the limb raised all of the time.
  • Keep joints not in the cast moving, like the fingers or elbow with a cast on the wrist.
  • Keep the cast dry.
  • Do not wear jewellery on the affected limb (as it may become stuck if the limb swells up)
  • Do not place any objects down the cast (for example, knitting needle, paper clips, pens)