Finding a comfortable way of sitting is difficult for a child with a spica cast. Children are excellent at adapting and may eventually wriggle into a position that suits them! Have plenty of pillows or cushions to support the child for sitting or lying, inside or outside the home. Here are a couple of tips…

Car seats will need to be sorted out before the child leaves hospital as driving with an unrestrained child is unsafe. A car seat that is narrow or that has high sides will not allow leg room either side of the car seat. The straps will need to be extended and the back supported.

Bean bags mould around your child’s bottom when sitting or abdomen when lying face-down. The child can slip off easily so they need to be watched. Bouncy chairs are useful as they have straps to hold the child in and have a range of positions.

Buggies without the high sides or a restrictive front tray are suitable, such as a stroller. Again have a cushion available to prop up the child. For an older child, the twin side-by-side pushchair may be useful. As they are expensive, look out for a second hand model. Consider using a wheelchair for an older child.

Spica Casts