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www.myorthoclinic.com is Ireland’s first website for patients with injuries to their bones and joints.

This initiative specialises in providing medical and practical information for all patients outside of the hospital environment allowing patients to freely access reliable information without having to contact their local fracture clinic. Clinical follow up is essential in ensuring adequate healing after a musculoskeletal injury. However patients often forget to ask or have problems retaining the information that they receive before leaving the hospital. This can be due to many factors: limited contact with doctors, time constraints, post-operative challenges and fatigue.

A better knowledge of one’s injury leads to better compliance with their healing programme.  Patients, family members and carers involved in the recovery process can all benefit from using the website.  The website has a “frequently asked questions section” answering all necessary queries from hygiene issues to social entitlements. Healthcare professionals can be assured their patients will receive accurate and beneficial information from this source.

www.myorthoclinic.com is a reliable source of information for patients to improve follow up care and is currently being promoted through fracture clinics.  The data available at www.myorthoclinic.com is a collaboration by orthopaedic specialistists which continues to be updated and enhanced on a regular basis. Dr Derek Cawley, the editor and creator of the website, has trained as an Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon in the Republic of Ireland and currently practices as a spine surgeon.

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